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UniGrout™LLC Grout/Tile & Stone Service Specialist Grout/Tile Cleaning Sealing ReGrout &more

Angie's List

Congratulations on Winning the 2011 Super Service Award!
This prestigious award celebrates your dedication to quality and is highly esteemed by our members!




PROFESSIONAL GROUT / TILE CLEANING Professional crew puts our penetrating grout cleaner to work removing dirt, grime, grease and bacteria like no other cleaner. Guaranteed best service in the industry-low odor and no shutdown time.

GROUT SEALING SERVICE- For new homes and floors. Penetrating grout seal lasts 6-10 years with no discoloration or pealing.

NONSLIP TILE TREATMENT Not a Coating-creates an INVISIBLE grip in tile surf
ace. Does not change appearance of tile and is easy to maintain with no extra cleaning services needed. Best installed in shower stalls, front entry areas, kitchens, porcelain bathtubs and pool decks.

RESTAURANT FLOORING MAINTENANCE UniGrout Staff sets up a regular maintenance schedule to deep clean the flooring in Restaurants, Hotels, Club Houses, etc to keep the flooring looking clean and sanitary at all times.

CRACKED TILE REPAIR Cracked, broken, or chipped tile is removed and replaced with a two hour drying time. Floors will look new again.

SHOWER & BATHTUB CLEANING UniGrout offers a great service to deep clean the shower walls and flooring for soap scum, mildew, water minerals, etc. When we finish, we always leave our clients with the feeling of a clean shower. It's a great idea when moving into a new home, or to have this service on a regular basis to guard against mildew and water damage. We also re-caulk the edges and patch grouting where needed.

UniGrout LLC offers individuals and businesses the absolute best tile and grout cleaning services from grout cleaner, grout stain, grout dye, grout sealer, grout , tile cleaner, tile sealer,